Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Welcome to my cookbook. Within these pages are countless recipes that I've tried throughout the years. Some are treasures I've found at picnics, get-togethers and holiday parties where I've simply begged for a recipe. Others are from various cookbooks, magazines and articles from so many different places I couln't even begin to tell you where they originated from. And inside you'll also find a few recipes that have simply come my way through my Mother, Grandmother, Sister or one of my Aunts. Family recipes are gems of their own, just because they remind us all of home and security. Food in so many ways can transport us to a different place and time and I love that about it. I love that there are a hundred different ways to make Thanksgiving Dressing or Stuffing, but only Grandma makes it right. And that's usually true for every different family...And Granny's Dressing is here in my cookbook!

I think I started collecting and trying different recipes way back when I first got married, maybe even before then, because I can always remember finding different dishes to try out even as a teenager. But when I married a Navy man and our income was coming in only once every two weeks, I learned to make a menu of meals for 2 weeks at a time. Wanting diversity in our dinners at home, I started looking for low cost, easy meals to make.

Magazines like Good Housekeeping, All You and Women's Day soon became my favorite place to browse for our newest experiment. If the recipe was good, it was clipped and saved in a notebook I had. Eventually the notebook became overcome with too many taped together pages, gravy splatters and torn apart papers. I then turned to my second computer! I started, very slowly, to type all the good recipes I'd collected through the years and add them to an online collection. I had two purposes for doing that. One: It was a perk to go along with my online businesses. Two: It was a great joy for my family, relatives and friends to be able to have instant access to all these recipes!

These days, I am still planning out my 2 week menu, which I write out on an eraseable marker board that presides on my refrigerator. I end up taking pictures of every meal we make, my husband and I, so that I can put a photo here in my online Cookbook. We are always meeting new people, and trying new recipes. I especially enjoy adding something new to my list of meals to make again, and I'm hoping you'll find some memorable meals to keep for yourself while exploring my cookbook!

You have my warmish wishes...